About Us

Welcome to Gospelwear!

We are a Christian apparel company created for one main reason:

To share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Why? Because

He is worthy! When all is said and done,  Jesus is the only thing that matters.

We believe Gospelwear is God breathed and God ordained. To put it simply, this is God's company not ours! So we at Gospelwear do not consider other Christian apparel companies our competition, but  rather allies in the spiritual war for souls.

Here at Gospelwear we believe what the Bible says! We believe Jesus died not only for our eternal salvation (which is the best!). But He suffered and died to give us so much more. Healing, prosperity, deliverance, and victory in His name!  

There is Power and Authority in the Name of Jesus and we want to help the saved understand everything He made available  to them in His  name. We also want to reach the lost and help show them the glory of the kingdom of God! Help to get them born again and let them rest assured they are now citizens of Heaven thanks to Jesus!

We offer a wonderful product at a fair price and give all the glory to God!

Our designs range from bold conversation starters to modern scripture- inspired designs and beyond. Many of our shirts have the Word of God printed on the back for all to see! We will be bringing many more designs and products online as we grow. 

Our goal is to help the world get to know the One True God. The Holy Trinity. 

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit in One. 

One God, Now and Forever, Amen. 

Thank you for visiting our website today and God bless you!